What A Linen Company Should Provide

What A Linen Company Should Provide

There are many linen suppliers in the marketplace, both domestic and overseas. If you are a designer, decorator or manufacturer, securing the right one for your business is an important decision that can impact multiple areas of your operation. That’s why it is important to choose a fine linen company that provides: 

  • Fabric made of top quality fibers 
  • A relationship you can have confidence in
  • Customized options 
  • References

Below we’ll further explore what a linen company should provide so that you can be certain your choice of supplier is the best for your company and project. 


Only Superior Yarn Is Used


To create linen, flax fibers that are located inside the dried stems of a flax plant are removed. These fibers are then what a linen company should providetransformed into yarn and fabric using intricate spinning and weaving processes. 

Working with a linen company that guarantees the yarn it uses is of the highest quality is key. Look for companies whose collections use yarn from Europe, and most importantly, are able to trace the yarn’s origin to the field from where it was sourced. 


The Best Relationship


Forging a good relationship with your linen company is key to not only accessing the highest quality fabric but doing so within your timeline. 

One of the ways to ensure this is to choose a linen supplier that is located in the United States. Although working with overseas suppliers may be tempting, the quality of the product and the relationship you build with your supplier often suffer.

There are several challenges to working with a linen supplier located overseas, including:

  • Difficulty communicating and overcoming time zone barriers
  • Longer shipping times
  • Potential issues that could delay products at customs
  • Inability to make routine visits onsite or to initially verify manufacturing practices onsite
  • Less recourse should a supplier not fulfill an order correctly or at all

Anytime you have a question or concern, it is imperative that you be able to reach a trusted representative from your linen company. Simply calling a company located in a country across the world can present timing and language challenges. 

Knowing your questions will be addressed by an actual person who cares about your company’s experience is critical to building a long-lasting relationship with your supplier.


A Customized Timely Product


Every linen is as unique as the fibers that comprise it. Whether you are looking for a special texture, color, print or what a linen company should providefinish, it is important to work with a linen company that can guarantee your individual needs are met. 

Keep in mind that some companies may have minimum order requirements and set-up fees for customization. Knowing ahead of time whether the linen company you are looking to buy from has these requirements can save you time and money. 

Keep in mind that while customizing fabric may lengthen the delivery time, an experienced and professional linen company will ensure delivery of your order still falls within your timeframe goals. The linen company you choose should be able to provide you with an approximate turnaround time that you can count on being accurate. 


References Of Their Work


Finding the right linen company is an important, and perhaps, the most important guarantee you can get. 

A linen company should provide you with a list of references so you can hear about the experiences other professionals have had working with them. 

References can also provide you with their experiences working with the textiles themselves and how their quality transcended to their products.


A First-Rate Experience


A first-rate linen company will offer a first-rate experience, from the moment you begin collaborating to the moment your design plans come to fruition. 

When choosing a linen company, look for one that uses the highest quality fibers to create exceptional linen, works to build a relationship you can have confidence in, offers customizable options and never refuses to provide you with references of their work. 

The best linen companies will provide all of these.

Our article, What To Look For In A Linen Supplier, further explores factors you should consider when looking for a textile company, including whether you should consider a domestic or overseas supplier.

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