Custom Fabric Dyeing

In the textile industry, dye lot variations are common and color shifts can happen with 'stock' colors. However, when you have your own custom dye lot created, much more stringent controls are added so the mill can meet the specifications. The result is repeatable and reliable with a maximum variation of 3% - 5%.


  • Select the fabric you wish to dye
  • Provide a Pantone number or swatch of fabric to match
  • A Lab Dip (2x2 swatch) is created for your approval - 1-2 week lead time & $30 per lab dip
  • One free revision of lab dip, if the first color is not approved. $30 for any additional lab dips
  • Once lab dip is approved, production starts


  • 2 oz – 7 oz = $4.00 per yard + cost of base cloth
  • 8 oz – 12 oz = $4.50 per yard + cost of base cloth
  • Dyeing under 350 yards (40 yards minimum) = $650 set up fee
  • Dyeing over 350 yards = no set up fee
  • Dye and launder (40 yards minimum) = $6.50 per yard + cost of base + set up fee (if applicable)
  • Launder only (40 yards minimum) = $4.50 per yard + cost of base cloth
  • 50% deposit is required prior to dyeing

Lead Time

  • 2-3 weeks from receiving 50% deposit

Rotary / Flat Bed Printing

Rotary printing is a direct-to-fabric printing technique where the image is engrave on precision cut stencils (screens).

Multiple screens can be used to create a multi-color design and can produce vivid colors and intricate designs.

Crisp lines and detailed images are created using screen printing allowing inks to penetrate the fabric and hold color better and longer.



  • You can provide your own design (in print ready format, acceptable files Ps, Ai, Tiff, Pdf) or provide a rough draft
  • No charge for ready to print designs
  • Rough draft can be placed into repeat format for printing at additional cost. Price $200 - $500 based on design requirements
  • A full repeat will be printed on paper for your approval


  • $600 per screen
  • Every color of the design requires its own screen. (3 color design = 3 screens) Once the screen is made, goods can be printed in any quantity
  • Screens are kept at facility for one year with no activity. After one year screens are recycled
  • Your company name can be registered to the screen upon request
  • Design can be copyrighted at an additional cost, price $200 - $500


  • $200 set up charge plus cost of the fabric (5 yards) 1 week lead-time


  • 4 oz. – 7 oz. = $2.95 per yard + cost of base cloth
  • 8 oz. – 10 ” oz. = $3.95 per yard + cost of base cloth
  • $500 surcharge for print jobs below 1,000 yards
  • No surcharge applied for print jobs over 1,000 yards
  • 2 – 3 week lead to print after receiving 50% deposit

Digital Printing On Fabric

Digital printing on fabric is described as any ink jet based method of printing colorants onto fabric. Typically, digital printing on fabric is referred to as DTG, which stands for direct to garment printing. Digital printing allows for lower minimums, eliminates screen charges, as well as a need for screen storage. A new trend is emerging where larger designs are printed onto larger rollers so corporations can brand their company or advertise their message.


  • Fabric is pre-treated for print. Once pre-treated, fabric must be printed within 30 days
  • A color window of 11 x 8” of your design is printed on treated fabric for color approval
  • Fabric is steamed and washed and tenter framed
  • Selvedge will have 1” cut from each side, this is meant to keep fabric flat while printing. (i.e. 58” roll will measure 56” after selvedge is cut)
  • Print width - 58” max

Art Work

  • Must be submitted in repeat form
  • Pantone colors must be provided
  • File format - psd, ai,tiff
  • Minimum dpi 300


Lead Time

  • 1 week to pre-treat fabric after receiving 50% deposit
  • Deposit is not refundable after goods have been pre-treated
  • Color Window – 1 week lead after goods are pre-treated
  • Production - 2 week lead time after color window is approved

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